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About Sophie

My love for training has expanded over the years, I’ve seen my confidence and mindset shift massively from when I first started. That is what I strive to help my clients with; to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

I joined a gym around 6 years ago, I would see 2-3 women in the weight section and wanted to be that person but didn’t feel confident enough so I’d go straight into the cardio room and spend hours in there. After a long time feeling unfulfilled with my training I decided to ask a personal trainer for some guidance and I was introduced to weight training. This is where my passion for weight training, fitness and wellbeing expanded. I went on to study with Active IQ for my level 3 Personal training qualification.

Sophie's Journey

Only a few years ago I struggled with my own health and fitness goals until I started investing time into self development and learning. This is when I started to get sustainable, lasting results for not only myself but my clients and realised the importance of not just aesthetics but looking after yourself physically and mentally.

In 2019 I set my self a goal to compete in a bikini competition. I ended up competing in 3 competitions, placing 1st in my second competition and received an invite to The British finals. If you asked me if I could do this when I first started training my past self would have said “No way! I couldn’t ever achieve that.” But it’s when I decided to believe in my self and to be on my own team that things started to change for the better. I learnt a lot through the competing including the importance of your mindset, how you feel, think and speak about yourself, as well as what is a sustainable and unsustainable lifestyle.

I am passionate about sharing not only the physical benefits of exercise but the mental benefits too. As well as teaching others how to navigate their way to their goals in a sustainable and healthy way. I want to help you achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself.